How to run M5Unified WebRadio Sample code (macOS Monterey)

Here is the memo to run
WebRadio sample code from M5Unified.

Code  is here



Download or clone the code from the above link


Use Latest Arduino IDE

1.8.19 now(2022/04/04)


macOS Monterey


After an upgrade

If you have not done it yet after you upgrade to macOS Monterey, run the following.

xcode-select –install



In macOS Monterey, Python2.7 is no longer there, and no Python is installed!

You have to install Python yourself.

Download from here:

And install it.

create your .zshrc

in the latest macOS, they use zsh.

However, there are no .zshrc after a fresh upgrade.

add PATH to you .zshrc

It should be something that looks like this

save the file, run the following command to enable it.

source .zshrc

no python in PATH error

if you get no python in PATH error, you might need to run this


You need ESP8266Audio

in your Arduino IDE Menu –> Tools –> Manage Libraries

Find ESP8266Audio and install the latest.


You need ArduinoESP32 v1.0.6

if not you will have error like this

In file included from /Users/demo/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ESP8266Audio/src/AudioGeneratorMIDI.cpp:65:
/Users/demo/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ESP8266Audio/src/libtinysoundfont/tsf.h: In function ‘void tsf_channel_midi_control(tsf*, int, int, int)’:
/Users/demo/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ESP8266Audio/src/libtinysoundfont/tsf.h:2100:1: error: insn does not satisfy its constraints:
(insn 858 343 344 51 (set (reg:SF 19 f0 [407])
(mem/u/c:SF (symbol_ref/u:SI (“*.LC248”) [flags 0x2]) [0 S4 A32])) “/Users/demo/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ESP8266Audio/src/libtinysoundfont/tsf.h”:2053 47 {movsf_internal}
during RTL pass: postreload


in your Arduino IDE Menu –> Tools –> Boards –> Boards Maneger

downgrade your esp32 board to 1.0.6


This is NOT a permanent solution. It is a temporary workaround.



now, you can finally compile can flash the program to your M5Stack Core/Core2 or M5Stick-C!



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